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Holiday on the Mornington Peninsula

The Mornington Peninsula National Park is located, as its name suggests, on the Mornington Peninsula. The national park is a wonderful place to visit if you have holiday accommodation in Blairgowrie, Rye, Fingal or Rosebud. This thin wedge of coastline and bush provides an excellent mix of natural landscape and interesting historical features.

The national park includes a huge expanse of ocean coastline. The park is great for swimming, bushwalking, family picnics and observing nature, and also surfing at the ocean beaches. There is something for everyone to enjoy at the national park.

Most roads to the national park are marked on the Point Nepean Road. The east area of the park, which includes Cape Schanck, can be entered from Boneo Road. A little, rough car park off of Tasman Drive provides the way in to a looped walking track that leads to sheer steps to the beach. You can also walk along the beach around the headland in the direction of Rye and see the Lizard Head rock formation.

You can have a nice picnic in the serene Fingal Picnic Area which is located about two kilometres to the north of Cape Schanck. This spot was once sold off for housing but was then purchased back by the government in the mid 1970s. Amenities at the picnic site include electric barbecues, restrooms, picnic tables and an area for ball games. Scenic walking tracks take you to lookouts with amazing views of cliffs and Fingal Beach. Access to the beach and the return walk of approximately three kilometres is by a precipitous set of stairs. A walk of a greater length of five kilometres to the northern Gunnamatta Beach can be started from the Fingal Picnic Area.

The Mornington Peninsula National Park is a lovely area to explore as part of your relaxation time while renting or at your Mornington Peninsula holiday house accommodation.

Holiday in Sorrento

If you have a holiday rental in Sorrento, you must be sure to visit The Continental Hotel. The Continental Hotel is a Sorrento landmark.  At the hotel, you can dine inside the beautiful limestone restaurant or outside at the front of the hotel with full table service. The hotel is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week.

The hotel is also known for The Continental Hotel Art Prize, which has been running for twelve years. Its art prize garners attention from across Australia, and has become a Mornington Peninsula institution. Many respected and famous artists have judged the Art Prize.

Within The Continental Hotel Restaurant is a Gallery Space, which provides a venue for people to view artworks without having to go to an art gallery. The hotel has four exhibitions throughout the year.

The Continental Hotel was established in 1975. It is an important part of the Sorrento landscape and is also significant as it is the only limestone structure of four storeys in the Southern Hemisphere. In its early days, the hotel was also a general store. It also comprised other businesses including a pharmacy, a hairdresser, a tobacconist and a grocer.

The Continental Hotel is a Sorrento icon. It’s a striking landmark that will become happily familiar to you when you have your holiday house in Sorrento. You’ll find yourself gravitating there after the beach, to enjoy a drink and an early dinner and to take in the Mornington Peninsula views. From your holiday rental in Sorrento, you’ll take early morning strolls along the shore, then up to The Continental Hotel for a tasty breakfast outside the front of the hotel.

When you visit The Continental Hotel while you have your holiday house in Sorrento, you’ll soon find yourself adopting the hotel’s mantra of “better living through food, wine, dance, live music and art”.

The iconic Portsea Hotel

The Portsea Hotel, also known as The Portsea Pub, is a Mornington Peninsula icon. It’s a landmark building that overlooks the grand and historic Portsea Pier. The pub is a must-visit when you have Mornington Peninsula accommodation.

The bistro of the hotel serves contemporary Australian cuisine matched with local Australian wines, and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are four bars within the huge hotel. Upstairs there is the Portsea Deck which offers a la carte dining during summer and has magnificent views over Port Philip Bay.

The Portsea Hotel was originally opened in 1876 by three Scottish brothers. Most of the hotel was demolished in 1927 and replaced with a new modern building with hot and cold water and a tennis court. Over the following years, the hotel changed hands a number of times. In 1994, the hotel underwent major renovations to the interior, while the historic exterior was retained. The renovations opened up even more beautiful views of the Bay.

Further renovations in 1999 by the current owners brought the hotel up to its high standard of today. The Portsea Hotel is perfect for casual meals and family get-togethers, as well as more formal dining experiences or weddings, celebrations, meetings and seminars.

At the Portsea Hotel, you can enjoy one of the four cosy fireplaces in winter, or enjoy the sun and the gorgeous views in the famous beer garden in the warmer months of the year. The Portsea Hotel really is the ideal venue for every season. Whether you have summer accommodation in the Mornington Peninsula or holiday rental accommodation at any other time of the year, the Portsea Hotel will quickly become your favourite spot to enjoy the food and wines and views of Port Phillip Bay and the Mornington Peninsula.

Holiday in Rosebud

On the west side of the Mornington Peninsula, the beach at Rosebud offers still, shallow, clean and sheltered waters ideal for families, swimming, and water sports. Rosebud is located between the other coastal towns of Rye and Dromana. The Rosebud pier is opposite to the Jetty Road and stretches 300 metres out into the bay. There are a few good camping spots on the foreshore.

There are lots of golf courses and bowls clubs and a number of large sporting parks in Rosebud. Rosebud is often referred to as the Sporting Capital of the Mornington Peninsula. Hosting the Rosebud Plaza shopping centre, Rosebud is the most commercial town of the coastal villages on the Mornington Peninsula. The shopping centre has more than fifty shops and is only a brief walk up from the beach.

Just to the east of the town of Rosebud is the tall peak of Arthurs Seat with a summit of 314 metres and offering stunning views down the peninsula. On a clear day the view from Arthurs Seat reaches as far away as the Melbourne CBD skyline, the You Yangs and also Mount Macedon. The spot around the summit is set up for visiting wanting to enjoy the views while having a picnic or a BBQ. There is a car park and the spot also has some BBQs, tables for picnics, and toilets. Drinks and snacks can also be bought at the summit.

Seawinds Gardens are just a little stroll from Arthurs Seat summit. The gardens are found just to the summit’s south, on Purves Road. This beautiful garden has BBQs and picnic amenities, stunning views and some walking tracks.

A less than 15 kilometre drive south from Rosebud is Cape Schanck. Here there is an historic lighthouse which sits on the craggy end of the Mornington Peninsula.

Rosebud is an excellent location for Mornington Peninsula holiday house accommodation. You’re sure to find Rosebud accommodation that meets your needs. Rosebud is an ideal holiday location for families and water sports lovers.

Holiday in St Andrews Beach

St Andrews Beach is a small coastal town on the Mornington Peninsula, situated amongst the sand dunes facing towards the wild ocean of Bass Strait. It makes up a small part of a 35 kilometre unbroken expanse of beach that begins at Cape Schank and ends at Portsea. St Andrews Beach is a very popular location for surfing with a number of good breaks that brings surfers all throughout the year.

Inland from St Andrews Beach, the undulating grassy sand dunes are called The Cups Country and make the perfect environment for golf courses. The world-class St Andrews Beach Golf Course is located here.

The town of St Andrews Beach has fewer than 700 permanent residents. There are a large number of real estate holiday rentals at St Andrews Beach. St Andrews Beach is a great choice for Mornington Peninsula holiday house accommodation.

The rough coastal environment has inspired some unique and award-winning architecturally-designed buildings. Of special note, and a must-see when visiting St Andrews Beach, is the St Andrews Beach House, also referred to by locals  as The Shipping Container House. The house is located smack bang on the foreshore, looking over the beach and the surf. It is the rusted and ribbed top section of the house that is the reason for it being likened to a shipping container. The house is elevated off of the ground by four huge steel beams. The sides of the house are constructed of steel louvers that can be opened to the sea breeze. The St Andrews Beach House was constructed in 2006 and has garnered many awards.

While the St Andrews Beach House may not be available for holiday rentals, there are plenty of good holiday rental homes to be found in St Andrews Beach. You’ll be sure to find the perfect Mornington Peninsula accommodation for you in St Andrews Beach.

Luxury Sorrento Holiday Home Rental Accommodation – Easter Special

Sorrento Spectacular is the ultimate in luxury accommodation in Sorrento on the Mornington Peninsula and is offered to you at a significantly discounted rate.

Only a short stroll to Sorrento township, this home provides ample accommodation for 2 families (sleeps 10).

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Holiday in McCrae on the Mornington Peninsula

As an alternative to the pricey holiday homes of Sorrento and Portsea, consider McCrae for your Mornington Peninsula accommodation holiday rentals.

Facing north-west into Port Phillip Bay and lying between Dromana and Rosebud is the coastal town of McCrae. With coastline frontage, the white sandy McCrae Beach is one of the Mornington Peninsula’s loveliest beaches, giving a good protected swimming spot, with many cafes and facilities nearby.  The beach at McCrae is very popular with families, as the sand is clean and white and the water is safe and calm for swimming. There are plenty of picnic spots and necessary facilities.

McCrae is well positioned for holiday rental accommodation, being just a few minutes drive from the well-known Arthurs Seat and the lovely nature walks at the Arthurs Seat State Park.

McCrae has a cool little shopping district, including some great cafes. The best are Trims, The Pavillion, and Heronswood. Try The Light House Café for the best Thai food on the Mornington Peninsula.

One of the main features of  McCrae is the McCrae Yacht Club. McCrae Yacht Club has been providing sailing training by members since the 1970’s. The training centre has grown from a small number of children being instructed by sailing parents into a professional but still friendly organisation. The McCrae Yacht Club Training Centre is an accredited training location giving full sail- and power-boat instruction to sailors, club members, and the community. In 2010 the McCrae Yacht Club won the Yachting Victoria Training Centre of the Year Award for its hard work in the promotion of sailing.

McCrae is a fantastic choice for holiday rental homes if you love sailing or a sandy white beach. It’s a perfect spot for families to take holiday rental accommodation – a safe and calm part of the Mornington Peninsula, and less busy than other towns like Sorrento and Portsea.

Holiday Rentals in Sorrento

Sorrento is a very popular tourist town on the Mornington Peninsula, located after Blairgowrie and before Portsea. Sorrento is on a very narrow part of the Mornington Peninsula, looking out to Port Phillip Bay on the north side and the open sea of Bass Strait on the south side.

The Sorrento Front Beach, also known as Sorrento Bay Beach, has a lovely foreshore area, with lots of shelter and trees from England. There are a few quaint small jetties.

The main Sorrento Pier at Policemans Point is used by the ferry (passengers and cars) which links Sorrento on the Mornington Peninsula with neighbouring Queenscliff on the Bellarine Peninsula.

The Sorrento Ocean Beach, also known as Sorrento Back Beach, is accessed from the end of Ocean Beach Road. The Back Beach has a large car park, picnic spots, a kiosk, lookout areas, and a number of walking tracks that go along the foreshore and into the hills surrounding the beach.

The commercial centre of Sorrento is found on Ocean Beach Road at the bay end. This eye-catching length of road hosts various shops and boutiques, cafes and restaurants. The main landmark is the Continental Hotel, built from limestone back in 1875. Other historic Sorrento hotels are the Hotel Sorrento, established in 1871, and Koonya, established in 1878.

The town of Sorrento was the site of Victoria’s initial official settlement in 1803 at Eastern Sister. This site is at the southern end of Sorrento’s bay coast, where there is a monument honouring this significant event in history. There is a raised coastal walkway leading to a number of lookouts which give lovely scenic views across the bay and beach.

At the north end of Sorrento’s bay coast is Point King. This is where Lieutenant Murray, while exploring Port Phillip Bay, staked the Union Jack flag and claimed the land for the British. There is a monument marking this event and a nice coastal track where wonderful views along the coast can be enjoyed.

Sorrento is a beautiful coastal town, the perfect location for a seas-side holiday. There are many holiday houses for rent in Sorrento – whether it’s a Sorrento cottage or Sorrento villa. There are also apartments to rent in Sorrento, if you prefer that to a Sorrento holiday home. If you are looking for accommodation on the Mornington Peninsula, you’ll be sure to find the perfect holiday house in Sorrento.

Holiday in Rye

Not to be missed when you have a holiday rental in Rye is a visit to the Peninsula Hot Springs. At the hot springs, natural thermal mineral water flows into the baths and pools. The Peninsula Hot Springs are the perfect spot for relaxing and rejuvenating. At the Peninsula Hot Springs you can bathe in the healing water in the mineral-rich thermal baths and pools.

At the Peninsula Hot Springs, the hot (50°C) mineral spring water flows from an aquifer that is 637 metres underground. The water runs straight from the source into the pools, which vary in temperature from 37°C to 43°C. The thermal mineral water at Peninsula Hot Springs is naturally made up of a number of minerals such as sulphur, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and others.

Mineral springs have many therapeutic benefits, including the lessening of neuralgia, bruising, rheumatism, and body stiffness. Mineral springs also aid recovery from tiredness and muscular complaints, and can help enhance fertility.

The Peninsula Hot Springs have two separate areas providing relaxation options for everyone. At the Bath House, there are more than twenty bathing experiences that can be experienced. All ages can go to the Bath House. There’s a Hill Top pool with stunning views, a Turkish steam room, a cave pool, a family bathing area, a sauna, a reflexology walk, and much more. There’s also a kiosk serving lunches and light morning and afternoon teas.

At the Spa Dreaming Centre, there are bathing and spa treatments for people aged over 16 years. The Spa Dreaming Centre is a peaceful, calming setting. The Spa Dreaming Centre serves breakfast and lunch every day, as well as full dinner some evenings, and lighter snacks other evenings.

The Peninsula Hot Springs provides the idyllic setting for relaxation and rejuvenation while you are on holiday in your holiday rental accommodation on the Mornington Peninsula.

Holiday in Portsea

Portsea is Victoria’s most prestigious seaside township. Bordering the Point Nepean National Park and located right at the tip of the Mornington Peninsula, Portsea features stunning scenic beaches, striking coastal walks and the charming Portsea Pier surrounded by Port Phillip Bay’s calm southern shoreline. Portsea, with its famous coloured bathing boxes, is a fantastic coastal location to have a holiday.

If you’re looking for Mornington Peninsula accommodation, there are many Mornington Peninsula holiday homes to be found in Portsea. Holiday rental homes in Portsea are some of the loveliest holiday rental homes in Victoria, if not Australia. As Melbourne’s wealthiest people have their holiday homes in Sorrento or Portsea, the standard of Mornington Peninsula accommodation holiday rentals in Portsea is very high.
Portsea is only ninety minutes from Melbourne along the Mornington Peninsula, so it’s a great spot for getting away from the business of the city, without having to travel too far. Whether you book your Mornington Peninsula accommodation last minute or plan a long time ahead, you’ll be sure to find some great holiday homes and cottages.

The Portsea Hotel is a Mornington Peninsula icon. Overlooking the historic Portsea Pier, the hotel features four bars and contemporary Australian cuisine. You’ll find that much of your holiday will be taken up with hanging out in the expansive Portsea Hotel beer garden, enjoying the sun, the food and drinks, and the amazing view of the Mornington Peninsula.

With Mornington Peninsula holiday house accommodation in Portsea, you’ll be perfectly located to explore Point Nepean National Park and the Mornington Peninsula National Park, as well as the neighbouring towns and beaches of Sorrento, Rye, Rosebud, St Andrews Beach and Blairgowrie. Other Mornington Peninsula highlights near Portsea include the Peninsula Hot Springs, Red Hill Market and wineries, and a number of world-class gold courses.

Holiday in Blairgowrie

The town of Blairgowrie is located on a narrow wedge of the Mornington Peninsula, looking at Port Phillip Bay to the north and Bass Strait to the south. Blairgowrie is found in between the very popular beach towns of Rye and Sorrento. There are some lovely Mornington Peninsula holiday homes to be found in Blairgowrie. There are holiday homes and cottages that are sure to suit your budget and interests, all located in the lovely seaside town of Blairgowrie.
Blairgowrie features calm and very protected white sandy beaches on the bay side. These beaches are very popular with families, swimmers and those people wishing to bask in the sun. Also located on the bay side of Blairgowrie is the large boat harbour for the Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron, which is always busy with boating activity.
A small commercial hub is located opposite the bay beach, with a supermarket, speciality stores and cafes.
On the Bass Strait side, Blairgowrie boasts striking coastal walks and views. The Mornington Peninsula National Park runs down the craggy Bass Strait coast. There are a good number of walking tracks that wind along the tops of the cliffs, across the sand dunes and then down to the below beaches.
Koonya Ocean Beach is accessed from the end Hughes Road, and is the easiest to get to. There is a great lookout at the top of the car park which allows views of the Pelly Point rocky outcrop and also in the opposite direction over the Blairgowrie township towards the bay side beach.
Other interesting points along this picturesque coastline are Bridgewater Bay, Pearses Beach and Dimmicks Beach.
Blairgowrie is an excellent choice for Mornington Peninsula accommodation if holiday houses for rent in Sorrento and Portsea are too expensive or are booked out. The Blairgowrie holiday rental properties might not be quite as fancy as a holiday house in Sorrento, but there are still some great holiday rental homes in Blairgowrie. As well as Blairgowrie, you could also consider accommodation in Rosebud and accommodation in Fingal, as alternatives to Sorrento and Portsea.

Holiday in Sorrento

Sorrento is the holiday destination on the Southern Mornington Peninsula. With a large majority of Melbournians flocking to this seaside town, Sorrento offers a vast array of options for couples and families.

A popular way to holiday in Sorrento and surrounding popular suburbs is to rent a holiday house for a week or two. With a vast selection of homes available from good old beach shacks to stunning cliff top homes, there really is something for everyone. Some properties will require you to bring your own bed linen whilst others will be included, so check this when searching for your perfect holiday abode.

Peninsula Holiday Rentals has a growing list of available properties and you can search our properties online along with making your booking.