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Learn to dive today!

Scuba Diving  is the perfect way to discover all kinds of marine life in the underwater world.
No certification or experience is required!

Our highly experienced, professional instructor will help you take the plunge and show you the best spots to find mesmerising marine life including beautiful soft corals and rare Weedy Seadragons.


    Adult – $220
    Child – $175

    Participants need to be aged 13 and above.


    Depending on the size of the group, the tour duration will range from 3-4 hours.

    Step 1
    Learn the basic theory behind scuba diving in the comfort of a classroom environment.

    Step 2 
    Skills Session held in confined water blowing bubbles in shallow water allowing a comfortable transition to the underwater world.
    Here we introduce the skills necessary to maximize safety and comfort for the amazing dive ahead.

    Step 3
     It’s time to meet the marine life!
    Visit the Weedy Sea Dragon Colony or Octopus and Seahorse garden. This you will never forget!


    Scuba dive equipment hire

    Tank and air fills

    Scuba dive theory session

    Scuba dive skills session

    Ocean dive to one of the fab five dive sites.
    Location is determined by conditions on the day


    Please bring a towel, bathers, and something dry to wear afterwards.
    Self catering applies, please be sure to bring a snack or lunch or you may purchase food in nearby cafes.


    Age: Participants need to be aged 13 and above.

    Ability: It is preferable to have some basic confidence in the water.

    Medical: Please note that some medical conditions might prevent you from diving, including but not limited to: Respiratory conditions (asthma, wheezing, chronic bronchitis or sinus conditions, tuberculosis, collapsed lung, any history of chest surgery), diabetes, epilepsy or fainting, brain/spinal/heart disorders, ear surgery or discharge, high blood pressure or pregnancy.

    If you are currently taking any medication, please contact us.

    Upon confirmation of your booking, you will receive a medical questionnaire, which is a copy of the questionnaire you will fill on the day.
    If you answer YES to any of the questions, you will need to contact us discuss your options.


    Booking are subject to availability.

    We strongly recommend booking as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.



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