St Andrews Beach is a small coastal town on the Mornington Peninsula, situated amongst the sand dunes facing towards the wild ocean of Bass Strait. It makes up a small part of a 35 kilometre unbroken expanse of beach that begins at Cape Schank and ends at Portsea. St Andrews Beach is a very popular location for surfing with a number of good breaks that brings surfers all throughout the year.

Inland from St Andrews Beach, the undulating grassy sand dunes are called The Cups Country and make the perfect environment for golf courses. The world-class St Andrews Beach Gold Course is located here.

The town of St Andrews Beach has fewer than 700 permanent residents. There are a large number of real estate holiday rentals at St Andrews Beach. St Andrews Beach is a great choice for Mornington Peninsula holiday house accommodation.

The National Golf Club 009[1]

The rough coastal environment has inspired some unique and award-winning architecturally-designed buildings. Of special note, and a must-see when visiting St Andrews Beach, is the St Andrews Beach House, also referred to by locals as The Shipping Container House. The house is located smack bang on the foreshore, looking over the beach and the surf. It is the rusted and ribbed top section of the house that is the reason for it being likened to a shipping container. The house is elevated off of the ground by four huge steel beams. The sides of the house are constructed of steel louvers that can be opened to the sea breeze. The St Andrews Beach House was constructed in 2006 and has garnered many awards.

While the St Andrews Beach House may not be available for holiday rentals, there are plenty of good holiday rental homes to be found in St Andrews Beach. You’ll be sure to find the perfect Mornington Peninsula accommodation for you in St Andrews Beach.

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