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At we offer our clients world class management and state of the art systems to ensure the utmost highest expectations are met. We pride ourselves on delivering a reliable, high quality product to guests that encourages repeat custom and referrals.

Our high levels of repeat guests, often switching between houses, are testament to our ability to deliver what they want. The result for you is a well-managed holiday home, not only in respect to bookings, but also general maintenance and the consideration of guests.

Communication. We will be in constant contact with you, keeping your property well maintained and letting you know what is going on.
Transparency. You have access to the same systems we use online 24 hours a day, so you can see forward bookings, accounts and where we’re up to. All expenses are itemised and any problems openly discussed.
Technology. The revolutionary property management software uses a fully integrated online booking, trust account, job log, inventory and communications platform.

In order for our business to remain viable and so that we can provide a premium service to both guests and yourself we require the following:

Medium to Luxury property – In order to keep the number of properties we manage at a comfortable level.

Exclusivity – We request that we be the only property managers you engage to look after your rental. Having more than one party coordinating guests, payments, cleaners and bookings results in a poor experience for all involved. 12 month management authority is required as we invest a lot of time and money in setting properties up for holiday rentals, we can only accept properties where there is an intention to make the property available for holiday letting over the course of the year.

Presentation – The property must be kept in a high state of repair in order to manage guest expectations. From time to time we will need to do spring cleans, repairs and garden maintenance.

Peak period availability – In order for the arrangement to viable, we need your property to be available for rentals over peak periods. A higher commission rate will attract if owners choose to use their property during this period.

For further details please contact us on 03 5984 2666 or [email protected]


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